Public Works

Since 1980s, with the rapid development of domestic urbanization, CACS has adopted urban heat supply projects, urban water purification and sewage engineering, and urban gas industry as important business directions. CACS applies automation, intelligence, Information technology, professional design, complete supply, installation, programming and commissioning, operation and maintenance services, to provide customers with a total solution to achieve safety and reliability, accurate monitoring, easy management, reducing staff and improving quality, high efficiency, low consumption and pollution.

Classic Items

  • Beijing Shuiyuan No.9 Water Plant

  • Huhehaote Futai Heat Supply Network R...

  • Tianjin Beitang Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Zhejiang Yuhuan Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Beijing Capital International Airport...

  • Kunming No. 6 Water Plant

  • Shenzhen Guanlan Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Dalian Chunliuhe Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Jinnan Sludge Treatment Plant