Corporate Image

CACS has always been insisting "Integrity, Harmony, Innovation, Development" as the key elements of its corporate culture, and been devoting itself to put the corporate culture into practice through daily management.
CACS has always committed itself to fulfill its social responsibility, which has been integrated into its strategic management and corporate culture.

  • Visual Identity
  • Core Value

The company logo is shaped by four letters of CACS, the abbreviation of China Automation Control System, with bold lines and strong stokes. The steady structure embodies all-embracing attitude and trustworthy brand image. It shows that CACS values “harmony” as the core of its corporate culture, which is also consistent to the “harmony” culture of SINOMACH Group.

The capital letter “A” is similar in form to the Chinese character (human), which implies people-oriented culture: every CACS member works together and keeps progressing to shoulder and carry on the flag of “CACS”.

The color blue and purple is a symbol of CACS member’s ambition to soar as high as an eagle, to accept with a bosom as broad as the sea, and to develop in a sustainable, healthy and stable manner.

Integrity: Fulfill business commitment honestly; Never talk big and empty.

Harmony: cultivate employees to be tolerant, considerate and empathetic; advocate family like atmosphere for team work and mutual progress.

Innovation: Encourage employees to create and implement new idea, new technology and new method; Help employees to enhance creativity.

Development: Emphasize employees’ career planning and cultivation; Encourage employees to take participate in decision and objective making; Realize mutual development of the company and employees.