Storage and Transportation industry

As one of the earliest integrated solution integrators in the oil, liquefaction and material storage industry in China, CACS can provide all-round services such as automation engineering design, installation, system integration, software development, technical consultation, project management and operation services for petrochemical products storage and transportation. CACS has accumulated rich engineering experiences, and has completed more than 300 oil products, liquefied products, ore, coal products and granary projects. It involves more than 1500 storage tanks with a storage capacity of more than 40 million cubic meters. With exquisite technology, perfect management, reliable quality and high-quality service, and the ability to undertake large-scale storage and transportation projects, CACS fully meets the operational needs of customers with the integration of "management, control, storage, transportation and marketing".

Classic Items

  • Dalian National Oil Reserve Base Project

  • Ningbo Zhenhai National Oil Reserve Base

  • Lianyungang Ganyu Warehousing Area

  • Chongqing Jiangbei International Airp...

  • Weifang Warehousing Area

  • Jingtang Port Warehousing Project

  • Sinopec Sichuan Jianyang Warehousing ...

  • Shouguang Longhai Warehousing Area

  • Qingdao Dongjiakou Ore Storage Yard.

  • Rizhao Lanshan Vopak Warehousing Area

  • Qingdao Dongjiakou Bulk Grain Storage...

  • National Reserve Base

  • Sinopec Huangdao Tank Farm

  • Dongjiakou Crude Oil Storage Area

  • Qingdao Port Tank Farm

  • Sinochem Nantong Petrochemical Reserv...

  • Tianjin Dagang Refined Oil Product St...

  • Beijing New Airport Oil Supply Project

  • Project for Beijing Gas