Intelligent Manufacturing & Intelligent Industry

As a member of China Intelligent Manufacturing Standardization Committee, CACS is committed to building itself into an integrated industrial Internet platform and solutions provider in the trend of global industrial intelligent manufacturing. The business covers the top level design and planning of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent factory planning and construction, general integration of intelligent manufacturing projects, process optimization and automation transformation, big data and industrial cloud deployment, develop human-machine integrated intelligent system, and extend the original industrial automation concept to flexible, intelligent and highly integrated one for the comprehensive improvement of the quality and level of China's manufacturing industry.

On the basis of sorting out and analyzing the completed industries business, such as storage and transportation and port engineering etc., the company has developed a comprehensive solution with deep security protection system as the main direction, focusing on modular intelligence + integration of industrial internet, using the technology of industrial internet, big data, decision support and intelligent scheduling. The intelligent + integrated solution can provide characteristic services for customers around the value chain, enabling the system to achieve vertical, horizontal and end-to-end integration of data, satisfying customer requirements for control automation, information digitization, management synergy, scientific decision-making and initiative service.

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