CACS is awarded as A-level (Excellent) enterprise of safe production of Sinomach in 2020

发布时间:2021-01-05 文章来源:Quality & Safety Dept. 阅读次数:


Recently, according to the assessment results of safety production responsibility objectives of subord-inate enterprises in 2020 released by Sinomach,  the company has been rated as A-level ( Excellent)   enterprise, which is the third consecutive year that the company has been rated as A-level (Excellent) enterprise of safety production.


In 2020,  CACS firmly implemented the requirements of "the same responsibility of the party and the government, double responsibilities for one post, joint management and dereliction of duty", and stri-ctly implemented the main responsibility of enterprise safety production. The company continuously strengthened the red line awareness, bottom-line thinking of safety production, and  enhanced the su-pervision and inspection of safety production and the investigation treatment of hidden dangers, also strengthened the rectification of hidden dangers, and effectively resolved safety risks as a result of  f-ully completing the target and task of <2020 annual work safety responsibility statement>, achieving zero accident of work safety throughout the year to provide a solid guarantee for the company's prod-uction, operation and healthy development.


In the new year, the company will continue to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's General Secretary's instructions on safety production and the spirit of the Party Central Committee and the St-ate Council's decision-making and deployment, also continue to establish the concept of safety devel-opment and bottom-line thinking, and analyze and comprehensively assesse the safety risks of the en-terprise, to guard production safety with a strong sense of urgency, and resolutely to prevent accidents in production safety.