China National Cable Engineering Corporation completed the erection of the first tower of the longest transmission line in Sri Lanka

发布时间:2020-06-03 文章来源:China National Cable Engineering Corporation 阅读次数:

        Sri Lanka polpitiya Hambantota 220kV transmission line project undertaken by China National Cable Engineering Corporation, a subsidiary of CACS, has successfully completed the erection of the first tower. This marks the full resumption of the project to overcome the impact of the epidemic and will accelerate the completion of the project.


        The total length of transmission line of the project is 150km, which makes it the longest transmission line in Sri Lanka. During the epidemic period, under the condition that the progress of the project was greatly affected, the Sri Lanka Project Department of China National Cable Engineering Corporation actively implemented various epidemic prevention measures to ensure the life safety of the personnel at project site and made full preparations for the resumption of work. After returning to work in accordance with the local epidemic prevention and control requirements, Sri Lanka project department quickly formulated the first tower erection scheme, actively coordinated with the owner, on-site supervisors, construction team and other units according to the tower erection construction requirements and worked hard to overcome the adverse effects of rainstorm weather, then finally successfully completed the first tower erection work.

        As an important part of the central and Southern Power System of Sri Lanka, the transmission line will provide high-quality and reliable power supply for the southern provinces of the country and provide solid power support for the economic development of relevant regions. The completion of the important node confirms that China National Cable Engineering Corporation has the spirit and strength to fight hard battles and tackle tough problems, making the project a successful example for the cable company to deepen and consolidate the "One Belt and One Way" market.