CACS successfully won the bid for automatic control system project of liquefaction terminal and storage project at Dongjiakou Port

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 Recently, CACS successfully won the bid for the automatic control system project of Dongjiakou liquid chemical terminal and storage engineering of Qingdao Port.

        The project is divided into three phases, and wharf project and tank farm project dominate. Among them, the terminal loading and unloading covers four types of cargo, including liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), propane, butane and propylene, with a designed carrying capacity of 3.536 million t/a; the total tank capacity of the tank farm project is 2,68,000 m³ , and the turnover of the tank farm is 1.48 million t/a. The win of bidding is part of the first phase of the project, as CACS is mainly responsible for the construction of automatic control system, including distributed control system (DCS), safety instrument system (SIS), fire linkage control and major hazard monitoring. 

As the first liquid chemical terminal and its own liquid chemical tank farm in Dongjiakou Port area of Qingdao Port, the construction of this project will further improve the port function of Dongjiakou port area and enhance the overall competitiveness of Qingdao Port. The successful bid of the project will help the company to increase its storage and transportation business, to strengthen its stock. Also it is beneficial to consolidate its foundation, to develop its advantages, make up for its weaknesses, and lay a solid foundation for comprehensively shaping its new development advantages.