Officially commercial operation launched successfully, ZEPHYR 50MW wind farm

发布时间:2019-04-23 文章来源:The Fourth Dep. 阅读次数:

On April 9th, the project of the Pakistan ZEPHYR 50MW wind farm with complicated working conditions, successfully passed the 168-hour Reliability Run Test at one time and created availability new record of Reliability Run Test in Pakistan wind power field. The successful running of the Reliability Run Test also indicated that the Pakistan ZEPHYR 50MW wind farm was officially put into commercial operation.

The project used 25 WTGS which the model was SG114 2.0MW, and the average availability was 99.73% during the 168 hour (7*24) test period, creating a new record for Reliability Run Test in Pakistan's wind power field, including 100% availability in the seventh day of testing and 19 WTGS availability were 100% during the entire test period. The Reliability Run Test was the most important test for the project to enter the commercial operation. The test was carried out under the witness of Pakistan National Central Power Purchase Company (CPPA), independent third party (TUV) and owners' representative (ENGRO).


CACS and SUMEC are committed to renewable energy cooperation. As the subsidiary of SINOMACH, the two fraternal companies adhere to the concept of collaborative innovation, fully combining their respective resources and complementary advantages. CACS continues to show rich experience in project management in wind power field and give a truly support on WTGS part (civil construction, WTGS erection, quality inspection and commissioning) & S/s part equipment installation and commissioning.

The officially putting into commercial running announced a new-stage of the project and the deepening cooperation between the two companies, Sumec & CACS, in the renewable energy field.