CACS Opens up new market with online centralized control system

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Recently, CACS successfully completed the project of “China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial Corporation integrated control and control system for silk production line", and carried out the project exchange meeting of "data collection and centralized control management system ". In view of the application of the company's self-developed centralized control management system in Guangzhou project, the project experience was summarized and the new market was explored. 

In order to achieve the highly automatic production and centralized control management requirements in meizhou tobacco factory, CACS has designed a set of centralized control management system to meet the requirements of tobacco production and management. The production efficiency can be improved through the centralized control of production line and the optimized configuration of computer system. The intelligent high-shelf tobacco leaf recipe and product base are used to improve the automatic production and centralized control management level of tobacco leaf storage, selection, processing and transportation, to meet the requirements of cigarette industry enterprises for the homogenization and stability of tobacco leaf recipe and module processing. In order to this project accord with the "up-level" development strategy proposed by the state tobacco monopoly administration, CACS will ensure the stable production and supply of key "brand tobacco" resources with reliable technical support.