CACS Outputs brand, helps “The Belt and Road Initiative"

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The Valkate 24000TCD Cane Sugar Plant project in Ethiopia is located in Tigray, northern Ethiopia, and is a key sugar industry project planned by the government of Ethiopia. In order to ensure the normal operation of sugar plant and effective treatment of bagasse, the project is to build a joint power station for sugar plant. CACS provides instruments, complete sets of industrial television systems, fire alarms, telephone systems, etc. for power station.

Since the project started, the CACS team has overcome all kinds of difficulties and promoted the construction step by step, strictly guaranteed the project progress and quality, which has been fully recognized by the general contractor and the owner.

The Ethiopian Sugar Plant project is that CACS fully responds to “The Belt and Road Initiative ", and uses technological innovation and project experience to help countries along achieve rapid development of infrastructure. Highlight the quality of China and export Chinese brands, bring advanced concepts, technology and culture to local economic development, benefit local people and fulfill the responsibilities of central enterprises.