CACS has successfully won the bid for the Project of Liquefied Products Storage and Transportation Area behind 6 # and 7 # Berths in Binzhou Port of Shandong Port Group

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On Aug. 1st 2022, China CACS Engineering Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CACS") successfully won the bid for the project of the liquefied product storage and transportation area behind the 6 # and 7 # berths in Binzhou Port Harbor Area of Shandong Port Group, and was responsible for the in-depth design, procurement, system integration, programming configuration, construction and installation, system operation, trial operation and delivery of the project's control system and tank farm's comprehensive management and control platform.

As the "Wall Chart Battle" project of Shandong Port Group, the project is large in scale, with many investments and high requirements for professionalism and technology. The project is a liquid bulk storage tank farm project supporting two 50000 tonnage berths, with a construction land area of 343400 and a design storage capacity of 600000 m ³ The construction capacity of this phase is 250000 m ³ The operating cargoes include crude oil, fuel oil, gasoline, naphtha, solvent oil, diesel oil and other varieties, which can be transported in and out of the warehouse or transported by road or water after completion.

CACS has been deeply involved in the storage and transportation business in the port reservoir area for a long time, constantly improving its technical level, optimizing its business structure, and strengthening its core competitiveness. Its past engineering performance has been fully recognized by Shandong Port Group. Binzhou Port, as one of the jointly planned important ports in the two national strategic key areas of the Yellow River Delta High Efficiency Ecological Economic Zone and Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, is an important part of the modernization and economic development of Binzhou City. The completion of the project will further consolidate the infrastructure and industrial supporting capacity of Binzhou Port, become an important link to coordinate the supply and transportation of refined oil products, promote the rapid development of regional economy, and help build Binzhou Port into a regional good port with distinctive, differentiated and coordinated development.